Open Market Consultation: Home-based care and remote monitoring

PROCURE4HEALTH wish to engage with interested suppliers in the marketplace through an Open Market Consultation (OMC) for the future Pre-Commercial Procurement of R&D services concerning Home-based care and remote monitoring.

Opportunity Information

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Scope and main objectives

Through this OMC, the Public Buyers Group (PBG) of PROCURE4HEALTH (identified in section 2), with Sykehusinnkjop HF as lead procurer, aims to challenge the market to develop innovative solutions for advancing home-based care and remote monitoring, leveraging technological advancements and fostering patient empowerment to enable more active participation in their personalized care plans across various medical specialties, including In this context, the purpose of the OMC is to inform technology providers and other relevant stakeholders about the needs of the PBG and to gather their input about the PROCURE4HEALTH challenge for developing innovative solutions tailored to facilitate the transition from hospital-based to home and community-based care, emphasizing remote monitoring, AI-powered alerting systems, virtual assistants, and other advancements aimed at supporting patients with multiple chronic conditions across various medical specialties, thereby enhancing the sustainability and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. Here are the required functionalities:

• Remote monitoring and alerting system.

• Automation of clinical workflows.

• Adaption of systems to diseases, problems and (multiple chronic) conditions to be included in the patient profile definition.

• Patient own assessment and clinical planning.

Another objective of the OMC is to understand the technology providers’ capabilities to satisfy the public buyers’ needs and to obtain their input on the viability of the procurement plans and conditions as described in this document and annexes.

In sum, the objectives of this OMC are to:

  1. Validate the findings of the State-Of-The-Art (SOTA) analysis and the viability of the set of technical and financial provisions.

  2. Raise awareness of the industry and relevant stakeholders regarding the upcoming PCP.

  3. Collect insights from the industry and relevant stakeholders (including users) to finetune the tender specifications.

Who can participate?

The target groups of this OMC are technology providers, end users, research centres and universities. All interested parties are invited to take part in the OMC. However, please note that technology providers established in countries not eligible to participate in Horizon Europe Innovation Actions in any capacity cannot participate in the PCP procedure. Nevertheless, it is possible to form alliances of technology vendors (consortia).

Key Dates

6 May 2024: Publication of the general Prior Information Notice (PIN) on TED.

6 May 2024: Publication of the OMC documents on the project’s website, click here

26 June 2024: OMC Event - this event has now passed. A recording is available to re-watch, click here

12 July 2024: Deadline to fill in the OMC questionnaire (17:00 CET).

22 July 2024: Publication of the OMC findings, including all questions and answers to the OMC questionnaire.

23 July 2024: Closure of the OMC

Further Information

Get to know further details on the challenge by clicking Here

Please submit questionnaires and any questions regarding the OMC as directed via the link above.

Please note: This is an Open Market Consultation (OMC) for pre-tender supplier engagement only.