Eye Health consortium

The Eye Health Consortium will bring together colleagues from the NHS, Primary Care, Academia, Industry and the Third Sector with a view to tackling some of the major challenges within Eye Health services in Scotland.

Eye Health consortium

The work of the Eye Health Consortium will be supported by the Scottish Health and Industry Partnership (SHIP) which aims to strengthen Scotland’s innovation activities in health and social care to solve real problems and improve the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of healthcare. SHIP will also support Scotland’s economy through activities that strengthen its life sciences sector, attract investment into Scotland, develop large-scale innovation projects and support the growth of robust businesses.

A draft vision for the Eye Health Consortium is: providing person-centred services which reduce the individual and societal costs of sight loss.

We are looking for any industry partners who wish to be involved in the development of this Consortium to contact Forth Valley Innovation

The Key objectives are highlighted below

a) Identify key challenges facing Eye Health services in Scotland

b) To combine the expertise from across Scotland and beyond Scotland of those who are already exploring various aspects of bringing Eye Health solutions into healthcare, into an agile consortium to progress innovation at scale

c) Development of method of secure data storage, analysis, and transfer (or integration) with NHS electronic patient records.

d) Link with academia and industry to promote accelerated Research, Development and Innovation and ‘testing of innovative solutions

e) Coordinate approaches to innovation and applications to funding agencies, seeking to complement a range of developments across the patient pathway.

f) Identify funding sources to ensure development and sustainability of the programme