CivTech launch their 8th Programme

To launch their eighth programme, CivTech are announcing six new Challenges. Two are open for responses now, and a further four will be announced in early November. Together, they present £3.6m of contract opportunities for innovative teams and businesses.

Some of these Challenges are quite specific and immediate, others are nothing short of an invitation to reinvent how we do things. They’re all part of the Scottish Government's determination to build our nation, and to drive it forward.

Innovation — creating ever better products and services — is at the heart of this, and this leads to economic opportunity. CivTech has clear evidence that it’s delivering on both these things, with huge benefits to public sector organisations and a really high success rate for the companies involved.

Put those two things together and you have something compelling. An opportunity for all parts of society to work together to build the kind of world we want. For public services to become better and more efficient. For people to solve problems and build a business.

Civetch want to encourage the widest range of applicants and applications possible, because it’s in the diversity of teams and solutions that we’ll develop really compelling propositions. The application process is a friendly one and you don’t need to be a company to apply.

You don’t have to be someone with a technical background, or an experienced business person, or an academic to come up with a brilliant solution to our Challenges. We want you to really push the envelope of what’s possible and give us your most innovative ideas. We’ll look at everything.

All you need is that great idea, and a determination to see it develop — we’ll help you do the rest.

For more information on the Civtech 8 challenges including key dates, please visit the Civtech website.