Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions in relation to the Scotland Innovates service.

What is Scotland Innovates?

This portal as a single-point resource to help the Scottish Public Sector develop stronger partnerships with industry. It provides potential Innovative Suppliers with information, guidance and support on how to develop ideas and innovations into products and technologies that may be of use to the Public Sector, or to further develop established innovative products.

How is innovation defined?

“innovation” means the implementation of a new or significantly improved product, service or process with the purpose of helping to solve societal challenges or to support smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

What information does my submission need to include?

You should provide as much helpful detail as you can. The following question set must be answered before submission:

  1. Solution Title

  2. Sector

  3. Category of Solution

  4. Description of Solution

  5. Expected Benefits of Solution

  6. Describe how your solution improves/replaces/amends/adds to existing delivery of the service

  7. Are you aware of any competitors offering similar solutions?

  8. What is the development stage of your solution?

  9. Provide details of all cost information and relevant financial models

  10. Have you approached any other UK Public Sector organisations, or Innovation Programme e.g. Civtech with your solution?

Additional supporting documents can also be uploaded against specific question answers.

Who can submit solutions?

All Solution Owners (Innovators) can submit solutions to our specific Areas for Improvement using the online Submission Process.

What will you do with my solution?

After your solution is submitted, you will receive an immediate email confirmation.

If our assessors feel there is potential in your solution or it is worthwhile, it may be necessary to ask for some further information, product samples or contact you to arrange an initial discussion or meeting.

If there is no potential in your solution or Scotland Innovates is not the correct platform to launch your solution, we will tell you, however we will keep your solution on record for future reference.

How does the assessment process work?

We will review each submission individually to assess whether it has potential. If your solution is still of interest to us after this stage, we will contact you to arrange an initial discussion or meeting.

Each submission will then be assessed by experienced and qualified subject matter experts who will have the opportunity to provide constructive criticism and feedback on potential technologies and innovations through a multi-disciplinary assessment community.

Feedback will be provided for each submission.

Can I track progress of my submission?

Yes, you will be able check the current status of your submission via the Scotland Innovates platform.

Can I submit more than one solution?

Yes, you can submit multiple solutions, however you must complete a separate submission form for each individual submission.

Should I patent my innovation before submission?

Ideally, your solution will be protected by granted or applied-for patents. However, we are willing to discuss early stage ideas before a patent filing has been made, or before it has been published. We will treat all information you provide confidentially, although you must be aware that your information will be shared with Subject Matter Experts throughout the public sector for assessment purposes

Is there an alternative way to submit solutions?

To make sure all submissions are fairly and rigorously evaluated, we ask that all solutions are submitted via our online Scotland Innovates submission process.

What is the expected response time after submitting an idea?

You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your submission and while we cannot guarantee a timescale for our assessors, we will try to respond ASAP. We will keep you updated through the process.

For what reasons might my submission be declined?

We review each submission individually. If your submission has been correctly submitted, it may be declined for one of the following reasons:

The product or solution is already is known to us or is not innovative.

The product or solution does not benefit the Scottish Public Sector/society.

Scotland Innovates is not the correct platform to launch your solution.

Will I receive feedback if my solution is not taken forward?

Yes, feedback will be provided for each submission.

What can I do to help facilitate the process?

Your innovation submission is more likely to proceed if its description is clear and concise. Its emphasis should be on unique features and benefits it can offer the Scottish Public Sector. You should provide as much detail as possible and ensure you provide full answers to the submission question set.

I am an existing supplier to the Scottish Public Sector; can I submit ideas through the portal?

Yes, existing suppliers can still submit innovative solutions via Scotland Innovates.

What will Scotland Innovates use my personal information for?

We will use the contact details/personal information you provide to stay in touch with you, and will not pass to any third parties other than those involved with the assessment of your solution.