Sector and Category Information

Innovators must select a Sector and Category for their innovation. This page provides information on each sector and the available categories, and a document detailing the category taxonomy.

Innovators must consider and select the most appropriate primary business sector and business category for their innovation when submitting solutions. This will help us to identify the most appropriate business area subject matter experts to assess submissions. The available pre-defined options for sector and category will be displayed when submitting an innovation.

The available sectors are as follows:

  • Central Government
  • Health
  • Higher/Further Education
  • Local Authority
  • Other

Central Government

The Central Government sector covers Scottish Government core directorates, executive agencies, and Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs). This sector may be suitable for innovative solutions relating to, amongst others, animals, farming and forestry, ICT, emergency services, transport and facilities Management.


The Health sector covers all innovations relating to clinical & medical supplies and services. These could relate to cancer services, diabetes, cardio, GP services, transplant services etc. This sector also covers areas such as occupational health and assisted living, digital health, chemist and pharmacy services. This sector relates to hospitals, A&E, emergency services and also work taking place within different health boards and acute areas.

Higher/Further Education

The Higher/Further Education sector covers all innovations relating to colleges and universities. These may relate to, amongst others, laboratory equipment, college and university supplies, stationary and office products and ICT.

Local Authority

The Local Authority sector covers innovations relating to social care for adults and children, disability and special needs services, primary school services and supplies waste disposal, and road services etc.


The Other sector may be applicable for innovative submissions which do not neatly fit into one of the other sectors. These could include innovation related to the following areas: clothing, marketing and media, security equipment and services, professional services etc.

Innovators must select their chosen category using the smart search function. The full list of the available categories and how they relate to each sector are detailed within the attached Scotland Innovates taxonomy included below.

We know that may innovations are likely to apply to multiple sectors or categories. While Innovators are asked to select only one sector and category when completing their submission, Scotland Innovates Administrators will identify any additional sectors and categories and take this into account during the triage and assessment process. For example, an innovation may be submitted to the Health sector but may also apply to Higher/Further Education. This may mean that the Health Admin will share the submission with the wider public sector for additional assessment

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